With many residents speculating about the new home for the beloved downtown seed store after reports that their building had been sold to neighbouring JAG Hotel, the big news is finally out: The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze will be moving into the historic Templeton’s building just down the road on Harbour Drive.

“It’s the perfect fit for us” says owner Peter Byrne, great grandson of founder Ernest Walter Gaze. “We’ve been looking for a new location that has customer parking, street visibility, and rustic charm, and this spot has all three”. The landmark building, built in the late 1800’s, was the prior home of Templeton’s paint store, which closed its retail operation in February of 2017.

In terms of a timeline, the plan is for the new store to be open in late April or early May 2019, just in time for their busy season. “We’re going to invite everyone to a grand opening event, similar to the one that was held last time the store moved from Water street to where we are now, back around 1969” says Byrne. “We can’t wait to show everyone the new space, which is actually a lot larger and more open than where we are now”.

Photo from the store's previous move from 410 Water Street around the corner to 9 Buchanan in 1969

Until then, the store will still be open for business at 9 Buchanan Street, where they continue to expand and diversify their selection of vegetable and flower seeds, fresh flower arrangements, houseplants, workshops, and indoor growing supplies.

“We’re overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from new and long-time customers who are happy to see a local business like ours thrive in this challenging climate” says Byrne. “This move is going to be a positive step for us and we’re all very excited about the opportunities it will present”.

Beautiful Harbour Drive in downtown St. John's

New 2019 Location in the works!

September 25, 2018

With the recent acquisition announcement of several buildings adjacent to the JAG Hotel, including the current Gaze Seed Company building, many are asking what is next for the historic local business.

“Not to worry” says owner Peter Byrne, great grandson of original founder E.W. Gaze. “We have been planning a move for some time, and this is going to be a positive change for us.”

Byrne explains that the two most common concerns they have received ever since taking the company back in 2014 had to do with their current downtown location. “The lack of parking and street visibility have definitely been obstacles for us. Many customers tell us they had no idea we existed or that they hesitated to visit because there’s limited parking available”.

Despite these challenges, the business has flourished and Byrne would like to see the store stay in the downtown, or at least centre-city, area. “We don’t want to try and compete with the big box stores. We’re a different kind of business, more personal and specialized. We like the downtown, local vibe”.

There are a few promising buildings that they are considering as options, but don’t have to make a decision right away. “We have 6 to 9 months to make the move, so it isn’t a rushed thing. The opportunity actually came at the perfect time for us as we prepare for a busy 2019 season” says Byrne.

For media inquiries, please contact Jackson McLean at 709-351-0415 or jackson@theseedcompany.ca

About the acquisition: http://vocm.com/news/jag-looking-to-expand-in-capital-citys-downtown/

We all know that bees and other pollinators are crucial to our ecosystem and without their help, we would never be able to grow enough food to survive. That's why we're taking action to help protect our vulnerable insect species by sending FREE wildflower seeds with every online order until May 22nd.

We also have unique bee, butterfly, and insect hotels for sale that give pollinators a safe place to live in your garden, farm, or backyard.

Did you know that Newfoundland bees are especially important? They are free of the invasive parasites that affect honey bees elsewhere in the world. You can learn more about that here: http://earthsky.org/earth/healthy-honey-bees-discovered-in-newfoundland

Introducing the freshest flower shop in Downtown St. Johns: Flowers on Buchanan!

Located in the same building as The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze, Flowers on Buchanan is a full service floral boutique offering cut flower bouquets and arrangements, as well as unique houseplants, bonsai trees, holiday wreaths, and much more.

Building on the successful rebranding of Gaze Seeds, we wished to expand into a year-round business, and opening a flower shop seemed like a natural fit. "My great grandfather E.W. Gaze, who started this company in 1925, was an avid gardener of both vegetables and flowers" said Peter Byrne, who along with business partner Brittany Elliott took over the historic seed company in late 2014. "He would definitely have approved of this exciting new venture". 

Our shop's head florist and manager, Barry Cousens, has 28 years experience in floral design and is eager to bring his creativity to the table. "We would like to provide this city with an option for beautiful floral arrangements without breaking the bank". With reasonable prices and a convenient downtown location, Flowers on Buchanan is poised to become a household name when looking for flowers for celebration, a meaningful memorial, for love, sympathy, or just for fun.

"Nothing says it better than a beautiful bouquet or perfect plant from Flowers on Buchanan".

place an order, find inspiration, or to stay up to date on the shop’s progress. 

We love supporting local charities who aim to improve food security in our province, especially for those less fortunate. When we were approached by the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador to assist with their Bridges to Hope food garden, we gladly donated the seed potatoes to start them off. 

With the help of the patrons and volunteers of the Elaine Dobbin Centre, over 110lbs of potatoes were harvested this fall and given to a local food bank, who are always looking for healthy, local produce to distribute. Not only did this project help those in need of good food, it was also a valuable experience for the autistic children and youth who helped out in the garden, developing their teamwork and social skills while being outdoors and interacting with nature.

You can read more about the story here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/potatoes-autism-society-bridges-for-hope-donation-1.3264104

Here's an audio CBC NL story on the garden. If you have 5 minutes, it's worth the listen:

NTV's Made Right Here

August 21, 2015

History   Media  

We were happy to have been recently featured on NTV News' "Made Right Here" with Danielle Butt. The support and encouragement we've received over the past few months has been fantastic and we are very excited for the future of this company.

When Peter Byrne, great grandson of store founder E.W. Gaze, decided to purchase Gaze Seed Company in December of 2014, he knew it needed a refreshed image in order to thrive in the today's market. 

Changing the name wasn't an easy decision, but with the help of local marketing firm Dc Design House, a new name was chosen that speaks to the current generation while respecting the rich history of the business. More information on that project can be found in this post on Dc's blog: http://dcdesignhouse.ca/seed-company/

If you grew up in Newfoundland and Labrador you may recognize some of the below iterations of the Gaze Seed Co. logo:


Here's what the new logo looks like. The face at the bottom is E.W. himself:

 Note: We recently discovered that the business was actually founded in 1925, not 1930! We updated the logo to suit, and are happy to be celebrating 90 years in business this year.