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New 2019 Location in the works!

New 2019 Location in the works!

With the recent acquisition announcement of several buildings adjacent to the JAG Hotel, including the current Gaze Seed Company building, many are asking what is next for the historic local business.

“Not to worry” says owner Peter Byrne, great grandson of original founder E.W. Gaze. “We have been planning a move for some time, and this is going to be a positive change for us.”

Byrne explains that the two most common concerns they have received ever since taking the company back in 2014 had to do with their current downtown location. “The lack of parking and street visibility have definitely been obstacles for us. Many customers tell us they had no idea we existed or that they hesitated to visit because there’s limited parking available”.

Despite these challenges, the business has flourished and Byrne would like to see the store stay in the downtown, or at least centre-city, area. “We don’t want to try and compete with the big box stores. We’re a different kind of business, more personal and specialized. We like the downtown, local vibe”.

There are a few promising buildings that they are considering as options, but don’t have to make a decision right away. “We have 6 to 9 months to make the move, so it isn’t a rushed thing. The opportunity actually came at the perfect time for us as we prepare for a busy 2019 season” says Byrne.

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