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NTV's Made Right Here

We were happy to have been recently featured on NTV News' "Made Right Here" with Danielle Butt. The support and encouragement we've received over the past few months has been fantastic and we are very excited for the future of this company.

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Rebranding of Gaze Seed Co. Ltd

When Peter Byrne, great grandson of store founder E.W. Gaze, decided to purchase Gaze Seed Company in December of 2014, he knew it needed a refreshed image in order to thrive in the today's market.  Changing the name wasn't an easy decision, but with the help of local marketing firm Dc Design House, a new name was chosen that speaks to the current generation while respecting the rich history of the business. More information on that project can be found in this post on Dc's blog: If you grew up in Newfoundland and Labrador you may recognize some of the below iterations of the Gaze Seed Co. logo:   Here's what the new logo looks like. The face at the bottom is...

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