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Thank you for scanning our QR Code! Here are some Gardening Tips & Tricks that will have you growing like an expert in no time:

1. Start Early. Many seeds can be started indoors as early as February/March. Check the instructions on the back of the seed packet to know how early before the last frost date (Mid June for NL) seeds can be started.
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2. Use Sterilized Soil. Not all dirt is created equal. Some mixes are meant for outdoors as they may not be properly prepared for indoor growing. We recommend the Pro Mix or Black Gold brands as we've sold them for many years without issue.
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3. Imitate Sun and Wind. Invest in a proper grow light, such as a full spectrum LED strip light, to give the seedlings the energy they need to grow strong and avoid becoming "leggy". Have a gentle fan blowing over the seedlings to help them build strong stems and avoid mold/pests.
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4. Try out Hydroponics. Growing without soil is becoming more popular as it can result in faster, larger yields. We recommend the Click and Grow Smart Garden system for herbs and the Sucseed system for lettuce and other vegetables.
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5. Keep the Green Indoors Year-Round with Houseplants. Caring for houseplants has become a popular hobby and can improve air quality and mental health. We have begun to carry a wide variety of rare and beautiful houseplants of multiple shapes and sizes.
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If you have any questions or want to reach out, visit our Contact/FAQ page.