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Kick it up a notch with a 4x4 tent and 600 watt HID air cooled lighting package. Designed for growers looking to push their crop and their yields to the limit. This includes all the gear you need to start growing. Just add seeds, soil, and your favourite nutrients.

This package includes:

Air cooled reflector - uses a slide in gasketed glass with an airtight seal, and made with heavy duty pre-galvanized steel. The inner reflective area is coated with highly reflective aluminium so all the light gets directed right to your plants.

600 watt dimmable electronic ballast - includes 250w/4000w/600w and super lumen settings to dial in that perfect dose of light for every growing cycle. Utilizes soft start technology to extend lamp life. Includes overheating protection, end of bulb life protection, and surge protection.

4x4 tent - heavy duty 600D fabric, 95% reflective, light-proof zippers, viewing window, and 6" ventilation socks. Dimensions: 4' x 4' x 6’7”

600 watt MH grow lamp - For veg cycle growing. Advanced spectrum, high PAR.

600 watt HPS grow lamp - For bloom cycle growing. Advanced spectrum, high PAR.

Dual outlet digital timer - automate your light cycles with our dual outlet digital timer.

Hygrometer-thermometer - measures both humidity and temperature. To help maintain your tent's atmosphere for optimum growing.

6" inline fan with a leather sheath and variable speed controller - Designed for quiet operation, long life, and incredible durability.

6" carbon filter - uses 100% Australian virgin charcoal to filter odours and impurities. Keeps your air fresh, clean, and contaminant free.

6" clip fan - because air circulation is crucial to a good grow.

Fabric pots (4) - just add soil and seeds. Breathable non-woven fabric increases oxygen absorption to your roots and improves nutrient uptake.

1/8" rope ratchets (2 sets) - to hang your light and fan securely and safely.

Ducting clamps - to create an airtight attachment of your ducting to your vents

Black-Inside 6" ducting - To reflect light on the outside, but not on the inside. Adds a little efficiency to your operation.

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