Historic Gaze Seed Company Now Accepting Cryptocurrency as Payment

Many local businesses have had to evolve during the pandemic to stay afloat, and local seed and garden store Gaze Seed Company has done so with great success. The biggest change for this historic company has been updating their online store to accommodate the changing COVID alert levels and to offer contactless curbside pickup options for their customers. After some research, they discovered that it was also possible for them to expand the way they accept payments online, including accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Never afraid to “get with the times” and look towards the future, they have embraced this new method and have already received their first crypto payment, which is now stored in their online digital “wallet”.

From their understanding, the idea of cryptocurrency is to have a global decentralized money system that doesn’t rely on banks, and instead uses complex mathematical equations to store financial data online. This may sound intimidating and even scary to some, but it’s quickly gaining traction worldwide as major retailers such as Tesla and AMC theatres have begun to accept crypto as payment for goods and services. Although it is true that the value of the various digital “coins” and “tokens” can change daily, much like volatile stocks in the stock market, the risks associated with these fluctuations are relatively minimal compared to their potential as the currency of the future.

“Gaze Seed has always been a forward-looking company, and bringing our business into the 21st century has been a goal of ours since we brought it back into the family 7 years ago” said Peter Byrne, owner and great-grandson of founder E.W. Gaze. “Accepting more types of payment, including crypto, is a natural step forward for us, and hopefully other businesses will come on board as well. If people want to buy beet seeds with Bitcoin, why not let them?”

If you want to buy beet seeds (or any other seeds) right now, you can do that here: https://theseedcompany.ca/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling

Looking forward, the company has been brainstorming some other ways to incorporate new technology into their operations, such as utilizing NFTs and exploring Metaverse projects. That being said, they will always stay true to their roots and continue supplying the best quality seeds, soil, and garden needs to the residents of the province and beyond.