Cannabis Growing in NL: Frequently Asked Questions

Last Modified October 29th, 2018

***DISCLAIMER*** This document is based on our interpretation of the laws as they have been communicated. Is it your responsibility to double check any information before acting on it. We are not liable for any damages or fines you may incur based on this information.

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Can I grow four plants "per person" or "per household"?

You can grow four plants per household (dwelling-house), unless you have a medical license to grow more than four. This dwelling also has to be where you ordinarily reside.

How old do I have to be to grow cannabis?

19 or older.

Is there a height restriction on plants?

Not in NL.

How long does it take to grow from seed to smoke?

Approximately 4-6 months: 1 month starting, 2 months veg, 2 months flower, 1 month curing. There are ways to speed up the process that we will cover in our cannabis growing workshops. Register here for our November 1st session:

How much dried product are adults allowed to possess?

30g in a public place, no limit at home.

How much dried product should I expect from four plants?

You can expect approximately 1-2 pounds (453-907g) of dried product from four plants if your grow is successful. Again, there are ways to maximize this with equipment and techniques that we cover in our cannabis growing workshops. Register here for our November 1st session:

How are we expected to keep plants and dried product away from children?

Plants must be locked away in a separate room, tent, cabinet, or shed. Outdoor growing is not permitted, including in a greenhouse. Plants can not be visible to the public while growing.

Where can I legally buy seeds?

The Natural Vibe on Water St. is one licensed retailer in St. John’s that will have seeds available to purchase as of early November. We will be lobbying the government to allow seed companies such as ourselves to be allowed to sell cannabis seeds in the near future.

Price of seeds?

Seeds will cost approximately $50 for a pack of four, depending on genetics.

Am I allowed to grow cannabis in a rental/apartment?

Doing so may void your rental agreement or home insurance. Check with your landlord first.

Do my seeds/clones have to be sourced from a Licensed Retailer?

Yes, otherwise the plant and product will be considered “contraband/illicit/black market cannabis” whose possession can lead to fines and/or jail time.

Am I allowed to save/gift my seeds or clones?

Yes, as long as they came from a plant grown from licensed seeds, and your gift doesn’t exceed 30g.

Can I start new seedlings while my current four plants are growing?

No, having more than four plants (no matter how small) growing at once per household is against the law.

Can I grow my four plants at a place other than my home? E.g. At work

No, they must be grown at your own house/dwelling.

Am I allowed to grow for someone else?

Not unless you’re the licensed designated grower for someone with a medical prescription.

Can I sell the cannabis I grow myself?

No, but you can give it as a gift to others, up to a 30g maximum per gift.

Can I hook up the exhaust venting to my existing dryer vent?

No, this is against building code. You will have to make a new hole in the exterior wall or use a window. We've partnered with Local Solutions to provide this installation service starting at $85.

Am I allowed to move plants from place to place, in public?

Yes, but only if they aren’t flowering/budding.

Is there anywhere I can buy an all-in-one Cannabis grow kit?

Yes, we have them available at The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze in two sizes. The 2’x4’ is $849 and the 4’x4’ is $999. More information and purchase here:

How much electricity will I need to use to grow my four plants?

It shouldn’t use more than $20-30 of electricity per month to grow them, even less if you use LED lighting instead of HID lighting.

Allowed to grow hemp?

We are currently looking into this. As of right now you seem to require a license to grow hemp.

How many cannabis seeds is equal to 30g?

30 Cannabis seeds is equal to 30g, which is the maximum amount you are able to possess, buy, or share.

What kind of fines can I expect for breaking these laws?

Here are some examples: possession of more than 30g (but less than 50g) is a $200 fine. Possession of more than four plants (but less than 7) is also a $200 fine. Anyone under the age of 19 found possessing 30g or less of cannabis would get a $100 fine.

Is there a growing community I can join?

Yes we have started a Facebook group: 
Cannabis Growers NL


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